Henley T-Shirts – The Latest Style for Men By Divy Saluja πŸ’―

Hello My lovely people After the white collar and blue collar, the It’s the latest trend is the no-collar Henley t-shirt, and it’s catching up fast. Team them up with smart denims or cargoes and you are ready to make a style statement. You can flaunt your Henley style during winters with a muffler or a half jacket too.

If you think that Henley t-shirts are an absolutely new phenomenon, you are wrong! These collarless shirts and t-shirts were quite popular in the 1970’s. The name is inspired by that of a town with the same name on the bank on Thames, where rowers wore this style as a uniform. Now, thanks to globalisation fashion, the style has sailed across the world.

Henleys can be long- or short-sleeved: 

Short-sleeved versions look much like a polo shirt without the turndown collar, while long-sleeved ones resemble a sweater with a narrow (and buttoning) V-neck..πŸ’•

Two Tone T-shirts:  If you want a hint of colour in your usually monochrome attire, then Henley t-shirts with twin colours are the best bet. Chic combinations can be created with a dash of colour on the sleeves or around the neck.

Chill Out with a Henley: Gear up for the winter chills with a woollen Henley t-shirt with full sleeves. These can again be in a single colour or double toned.

The Sporty Look: When you are on a picnic or on the beach, then cotton chinos or cargos are the best choice to wear with your Henley t-shirt.

The Party Animals: For a glamorous look, team up the t-shirts with light, crease free trousers or denims in bright colours. You can also try Henley t-shirts with self designed weaving or stripes.

Whatever be the occasion, never tuck in the Henley t-shirt. Choose the colour that suits you best and flaunt your abs with a well fitted Henley t-shirt.

Advantage Of The Henley’s:

the henley’s big advantage is that it’s different. Most men don’t one one; ergo, by owning one, you are making a reasonably unique style statement.

For Example: For this we have picked up the Tommy Hilfiger Black solid henley t-shirt. It has a round neck and full sleeves . With this we have coordinated the levi’s Blue slim fit Jeans. It is a little ripped and has a mid rise waist.

This look so good on me. This is one of my favourite style. You also can wear a henley with formal or casual wear. And this leather strips black  henley look so sexy. Henley’s come in lot of styles, colour and material. So go to your nearest fashion store and a buy a henley t-shirt for your wardrobe. You also can buy henley t-shirts from our online store @SNAPDEAL.COM Or @MYNTRA.COM 


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